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Bruno Marsala: Industry Veteran & Client Advocate

Bruno Marsala Mortgage Agent Level 2 speaking at Realtorquest

20+ years of experience & award-winning service: Bruno Marsala, a licensed Mortgage Agent Level 2, offers unparalleled expertise in Ontario’s mortgage & real estate industry. His former roles as Mortgage Sales Manager at CIBC & RBC solidified his leadership, while industry keynotes and podcast appearances showcase his extensive knowledge.

Innovative approach & client-centric focus: Bruno leverages his passion for technology to deliver a personalized experience, setting him apart. His commitment to clients has earned him numerous awards & outstanding Google reviews for exceeding expectations.

Trusted guidance & diverse expertise: Bruno’s deep understanding of the market empowers him to tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results.

Focusing on both: Combining his professional life with personal passions, Bruno enjoys serving clients while pursuing his hobbies as a die-hard vinyl aficionado, bilingual voice talent artist, and audiophile enthusiast. He lives in Erin, Ontario with his wife Kristie, and 3 children.

Contact Bruno today for a free consultation and leverage his experience for your mortgage journey